What Do Teenagers Know About Hydrofracking??

The Think Before You Frack Team’s Nilufa and Ashley surveyed the students in NYC iSchool in order to see how many kids actually know about and understand hydraulic fracturing.  From our results, we came to the conclusion that most students in iSchool understand what hydraulic fracturing is and the effects it could have on us. Our job as teenagers is to help get the word out to other teenagers all over New York (maybe even the world) who don’t know about it or understand it, to help save the water of our generation and make a difference.

Survey Questions:

1.What is Natural Gas?

  1. When someone farts
  2. A mixture of methane and other gases, found trapped in rock deposits under the earth.
  3. A mixture of H2O and CO2 that the US receives from China to fuel cars.

Correct Answer: B

-        28% of students answered A

-        42% of students answered B

-        28% of students answered C

2. What is hydraulic fracturing?

a.  When a mixture of sand and water are forced down into a gas well to create fractures in the gas bearing rock and thus releasing more gas.

b. When they drill into a pipe

c. When a mixture of salt water and rocks are forced down into an oil well to create fractures in the oil bearing rock, thus release more oil.

Correct Answer: A

-        57% of students answered A

-        20% of students answered B

-        22% of students answered C

3. How does hydraulic fracturing affect our generation?

a. Our water sources may be contaminated, meaning our water may not be safe to drink.

b. Our water supply will increase.

c. We will run out of energy after 2 years.

Correct Answer: A

-        56% of students answered A

-        23% of students answered B

-        20% of students answered C

4.   If hydraulic fracturing chemicals got into our water, do you think it would be safe to drink?

a. Yes

b. No

(Opinionated answer)

-        100% of students answered B.

5. Where does New York City’s water supply come from?

  1. Bronx, New York
  2. Long Island , New York
  3. Upstate New York

Correct Answer: C

-        26% of students answered A

-        17% of students answered B

-        55% of students answered C

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