GasLand (Movie by Josh Fox):

GasLand is a very interesting and informative documentary about the process of hydraulic fracturing in order to extract natural gas.

Josh Fox is a landowner in Pennsylvania. He recieved a letter from a natural gas company one day, offering him a huge sum of money for lease of his land. His land is on top of the Marcellus Shale, which has lots of natural gas below it, and the gas company wanted to drill on his land. Mr. Fox decided to do some research before deciding, and wound up driving all over the United States learning peoples stories and creating the Academy Award-Nominated “GasLand.”

On his website, you can find animations of hydrofracking, information about the movie, the trailer, ordering information, and more.

GasLand can also be borrowed from Netflix, so add it to your Queue today!

Think Before You Frack Blog:

This is a blog of poetry and other things on Hydrofracking.

(More information on this link will come as soon as it becomes available. The link is relatively new and currently has little content.)

Think Before You Frack Facebook Page:

This is our new Think Before You Frack Facebook Page. It is currently a work in progress, as is this site, but check it out! Go to the page, take a look, “like” it, and tell all your friends about it. Tell everyone to check out our Facebook page and our website! Join the fight against hydrofracking!

Think Before You Frack YouTube Channel:

This YouTube Channel will have videos both created by our class and videos that we find relating to the topic of hydrofracking. There currently isn’t much up, but the Channel is brand new. Check back in a few days to see the videos we have so far!


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