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Do you have questions about hydrofracking or want to contact us for another reason relating to hydrofracking or this website? Comment below, or send an email to the addresses that will be posted on this page soon. Also feel free to comment on a specific page, if you have a question or comment about that page. If comments are not enabled on the page you have a specific comment on, you should comment below, email that page’s representative, or email the webmaster or contact us email address. Be aware that before comments are posted, the webmaster and website team must approve them. Comments containing profanity or anything else inappropriate will not be approved and will be ignored. Emails containing profanity or anything inapproprite will be deleted and ignored. We will do our very best to answer everybody’s questions, and would love to hear your opinion. Please comment on the site or email us.

Email addresses for people in charge of specific pages are posted on the bottom of those pages. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about hydrofracking or this website. We would also love to hear your feedback and/or comments about the site. Please email our Contact Person and/or our Webmaster at the below email addresses: or


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